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How it Works

What the heck is this??

We are a boutique designer & high-fashion clothing retailer. As well as, a rental platform for designers. We have inventory of collections released over the years, many one of a kind, and many exclusive & rare pieces. So we provide a platform for the public to be able to access this clothing for a period of time. General rental time frames are 4-7 days in length, but we can accommodate other time frames as well to fit your needs for any event.

Why would I want to rent my clothes tho? Is everything used??

No everything is not used. In fact, nearly everything is new, or in near new condition (having only been worn for photoshoots). So no need to worry, we are making sure everything stays in immaculate condition for our customers. In between every rental we will have everything go thru an environmentally sound dry cleaner as well as hand treated. You will never need to worry about an item being in less than new condition.

Borrowing clothing has been around since fashion has! So why not do it digitally online? From someones wardrobe from across the world? Perhaps a celebrity? Someone who has designer friends who can access things you can’t? Why not rent it for awhile and be able to take all the photos you want for your following on social media, post some new profile pics, and look absolutely FAB at any event you attend?

We are here to be your on-call digital wardrobe! So you always feel like you have options.

So…what if I just want to buy something tho?

We are currently growing our buy section! So please stay tuned as we will have more items for purchase, perhaps some rare things too.

Is there a way for me to have unlimited items per month?

We are only able to accommodate so much volume at one time, so unfortunately unlimited won’t be able to happen just yet. We focus on quality over quantity and want to make sure you have items and outfits for the time frames you need.

What is a membership? What all does a membership include??

By signing up for a membership with us, you immediately get access to exclusive designer items. As well as our “pre-styled” rental wardrobe selection (3-4 pieces), and things for purchase from designer sample sales!

In addition to getting 20% off of everything, we wanted to add some things that not everyone will be able to access. So we will have pre-styled rental outfits for you to choose from for events, photoshoots or festivals. And did I mention you get 20% off your cart all the time ??!!

If you love quality and high-fashion, then it’s a no brainer to sign up.

What is a “private collection”? How do I get access?

This is coming soon… but all models, magazines & photographers that work with us will be able to access this. If you are any of these and would like to work with us, please feel free to email us at: for info.

How long before my event should I book from the online wardrobe?

Definitely think ahead! You can pre-book something, but try and at least think a week or two before your event so the item can arrive a day or two prior. All items will be shipped priority 2- day.

Do I need to do anything before returning my items??

No. We will cover the shipping by reimbursing your account, just put your item back into the company bag it was mailed in and you can get a box or use the one shipped to you to mail it back to us.

How often can I rent?? What can I buy??

You can rent weekly, and multiple items weekly as well. For the entire month if you wish! Our buy section will be growing the rest of this year.. so stay tuned on what we will have in store, coming soon…

Thank you so much for reading! And happy wardrobe exploring!